ARCH Konferans: “Designing, seen as an Embodied Experience,” Dr. Mia A. Tedjosaputro, FFB-06, 12:30 15 Nisan (EN)

Department of Architecture Lecture: Designing, seen as an embodied experience

Date:15/04/2019 Monday
Time, Place: 12:30, FFB-06

This talk draws on one of the exciting contributions of a PhD journey. Designing experience is seen as an embodied experience; challenging the common conception that it happens in the designers’ mind only. Verbal data inferred from final year architecture and product design students was used to posit that it is possible to extend the view of designing by elaborating mind, body and design environment into the cognition mix. A trifold coding scheme and an online data visualisation program were introduced. The embodied cognition lens is adapted to a designing context, and notions such as design affordances and design effectivities are elaborated. This lens of thinking and making also serves as a point of departure to my future research areas in digital design cognition.

Mia A. Tedjosaputro is a recent PhD graduate with expertise including: the study of design behaviour, digital design cognition and digital architecture. Her PhD from University of Nottingham investigated how novice designers behave during the idea generation stage, particularly within the act of sketching and the use of mental imagery. Previously she was an architectural assistant in Singapore before pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of Nottingham, specialising in digital architecture and collaborations across design disciplines.