Congratulations on your acceptance to Bilkent University!

You have taken an important step towards adding an international dimension to your education.

Registration for the 2021-2022 academic year will take place 27–28 August 2021 at the Bilkent University Campus (exact venue to be announced later, due to the pandemic situation).

Documents Required for Registration

  1. Photocopies of the passport pages including, a) identification information, b) stamp of the latest entry date to Turkey, and for students from countries which are not exempt from the visa requirement to enter Turkey, c) visa issued by the Turkish Consulate in home country.
    Students, who live in Turkey, must submit a photocopy of their residence permit.
    Students, who have a diplomatic ID or a “Blue Card”, must submit the photocopy of these documents.

    For students, who will be under the age of 18 at the time of registration to the university; you are required to provide an official “Letter of Parental Consent” (‘Muvaffakatname’ in Turkish) given by the parents living abroad and their Birth Certificate. Your parents should issue the letter of consent and the birth certificate in your home country. They are required to state that they allow you to travel to Turkey, reside and study in Turkey in the letter of consent. The letter of consent and the birth certificate must be apostilled and have Turkish translations certified by a notary attached. If apostille convention is not available in your country, the documents must be approved by the related country’s Consulate and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs and notarized translation in Turkish.

    This is a mandatory task, when students will be applying for an education residence permit right after they register to Bilkent University.

    Please note:  Letter of consent and the birth certificate is not mandatory for students, whose country has the visa requirement to enter Turkey (e.g. USA, Pakistan, etc.).

  2. Five biometric photographs (taken in the last 6 months, with a plain white background)
  3. Original high school diploma and transcript must have an apostille.
  4. The “Equivalency Certificate” of high school diploma.
    This certificate is a legal requirement which verifies that the high school diploma is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma.
    Before leaving for Turkey, the student can obtain this certificate from the Turkish Consulate in her/his home country OR after the student arrives, from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey at the following address:Ankara İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü
    İ Blok Kültür Bölümü Beşevler, Ankara
    Phone: +90 312 212 4642

    To apply for the equivalency certificate, students must submit their original high school diploma and a transcript listing all of the courses taken in high school including the grades and credit hours for each, accompanied by a translation in English or Turkish.

    The equivalency certificate requirement for GCE students is as following;
    For 5 (five) subjects:
    Option a) 2 Advanced levels (at least D grade) + 3 Ordinary levels (at least D grade)
    Option b) 2 Advanced levels (at least D grade) + 1 Advanced Subsidiary level (at least D grade) + 2 Ordinary levels (at least D grade)

    For 4 (four) subjects:
    Option a) 3 Advanced levels (at least D grade) + 1 Ordinary level (at least D grade)

    The subjects mentioned in the options above must be different than each other.

    For instance, if a student has only 2 A Levels in Mathematics and Physics, and has only 3 O Levels in Mathematics, Computer Studies and Chemistry, she/he cannot obtain an equivalency certificate. The student must have 2 different A Level subjects + 3 different O Level subjects and the subject grades must be at least “D”.

    If a student fulfills all the requirements of one of the options above but, has extra subjects and grades (even if the grade is E), she/he can still obtain the equivalency certificate.

    Students, who do not meet one of these mentioned requirements, will not be able to get an equivalency certificate.

    Since the equivalency certificate is a legal requirement to register to any university in Turkey, students who are not able to get the equivalency certificate will NOT be able to register to Bilkent University, even if they get official admission.

  5. Original exam score sheets (SAT, GCE Advanced Level, IB etc.) are required if uploaded during application.
    Official SAT scores must be sent to Bilkent University directly from the College Board prior to the registrations in September. (Code – 9877).
    Bilkent University reserves the right to verify the validity of exam scores.
  6. English Language Proficiency exam score sheets (IELTS/TOEFL) must be sent to Bilkent University directly from the related institutions prior to the registrations in September.
    (Please see “English Language Proficiency” section below for detailed information.)
    The photocopy of the exam score report should be submitted during registration as well.
  7. Tuition fee payment receipt. Students must pay their fall semester tuition fee before the registration.
    (Please seeTuition Fee” section below for detailed information.)
  8. Print out of the official “Acceptance Letter” sent to you by the University.

Please note: If the documents listed above are in a language other than English or Turkish, students must provide a translation by a certified translator along with the copy of the original document.


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