Social and Cultural Activities

In addition to offering a model academic environment, Bilkent University provides ideal social, cultural and sports opportunities for students throughout the academic year to enrich student life in Bilkent. The Bilkent Spring Festival, held every May, culminates these events.

The majority of these activities are organized by the Student Council, which is elected by the students. Groups and clubs established with the support of the Council regularly organize talks, panels, concerts, exhibitions, competitions, parties, and festivals, and host numerous renowned politicians, business people, artists, and scientists.

Bilkent University is a leader in music and performing arts in Turkey. Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (BSO) performs regularly at the University Concert Hall and gives concerts in other parts of Turkey and abroad. Young actors studying at the Performing Arts Department have regularly scheduled performances.

Moreover, there exits a weekly released Bilkent News where you will find all information about social and cultural activities in the campus.