Health Center

The Health Centers , located on the Main and East Campuses, provide health services to students and faculty members. The basic and urgent services are provided free of charge to all Bilkent graduate and undergraduate students by the University Health Centers.

Student health services are covered by the “Student Health Fund” for basic and urgent needs at the University Health Center. Costs such as surgical fees, however, are not covered by the Student Health Fund, and must be covered by the mandatory private health insurance obtainable through the university or family resources. When necessary, students will be sent to the contracted physicians or health institutions of the Fund.

Bilkent University Student Health Centers on the Main and East Campuses offer services round the clock.

The Student Health Center on the Main and East Campuses provide services, by appointment only, in dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynaecology, psychiatry, orthopaedics, ear-nose-throat clinics, X-ray and ultrasonography.

The Health Center laboratories are equipped with modern equipment in order to carry out various medical tests.

Medicine is available on prescriptions at the Main Campus pharmacy and the pharmacies at Bilkent I, II and III which are the residential areas neighbouring the campus.

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