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Publication Awards to Bilkent Graduate Students

Bilkent University provides a monetary award to graduate students who publish articles in professional journals in relation to their graduate studies, in an effort to promote the quality of their research. The guidelines for receiving the award are as follows:

    • All Bilkent graduate students, irrespective of their scholarship status, are eligible for the award.
    • A student may receive additional award payments for each and every subsequent article that may be published.
    • The article must appear in a peer-reviewed journal listed in the ISI citation indexes. A list of these journals is available at this link:
    • The article must be Bilkent-addressed, and must present the results of work carried out as a part of graduate study at Bilkent.
    • A copy of the printed article must be submitted to the appropriate Institute for Graduate Study for consideration.To be eligible for the award, the applicant must be registered as a graduate student of Bilkent University at the time of this submission.
    • For a paper authored by N researchers, the USD amount to be paid to a graduate student is calculated as
      Payment = PaperValue / (N-1)   if N>1 and student’s advisor is a co-author of the paper
      Payment = PaperValue / N         if N=1 or student’s advisor is not a co-author of the paper
      where PaperValue is calculated as follows:
      PaperValue = 10 ( UBYTvalue – 50 ), if UBYTvalue > 60, and
      PaperValue = 100  if UBYTvalue is between 50 and 60,
      where UBYTvalue is TÜBİTAK Ulakbim’s Journal Value (“Dergi Puanı”, between 0 and 100).
      No payments are made for papers published in journals whose UBYTvalue are less than 50.
      for the latest journal listings (currently “2017 Yılı UBYT Programı Dergi Listesi” is the latest announced list).