IAED Skype Konferansı: “From Research Planning to Experimental Activity for Hypothesis Validation,” Dr. Shahryar Habibi, FFB-06, 14:30 6 Haziran (EN)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department Skype Lecture: FROM RESEARCH PLANNING TO EXPERIMENTAL ACTIVITY FOR HYPOTHESIS VALIDATION

Date: 06/06/2018 Wednesday
Time, Place: 14:30, FFB06

Speaker: Dr. Shahryar Habibi

Dr. Shahryar Habibi is a licensed architect (Italy), sustainability consultant and researcher with over 10 years of professional experience. During his doctoral research, he developed a unique and innovative method to investigate interaction between users and environmental parameters for improving comfort, efficiency and smart solutions in the built environment. He won the prestigious prize “Nicolò Copernico 2016” for his innovative thesis in sciences and technologies. Currently he is a postdoctoral scholar at Penn State University and his research covers the fields of methodologies for designing architectural spaces as smart spatial systems and parametric.

In order to raise awareness of the role of building information modeling (BIM) in improving energy efficiency and comfort conditions, the work introduces a strategy of combining building simulation tools and optimization methods. Furthermore, it emphasizes the fact that a combination of these strategies with BIM can improve not only the construction process but also enable exploration of alternative approaches. The work discusses the potential application of data integration methodology for two office environments and focuses on the review of the potential performance of integrated systems. It also explains how BIM can help facilitate review of results and methods for improving building performance in terms of energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.