COMD Konuşma: “Symbiosis,” Ebru Özseçen, FB-110, 12:40 5 Mart (EN)

Dear Colleagues and Students,

You are cordially invited to an artist talk by the Department of Communication and Design.
Speaker: Ebru Özseçen (Munich)


Abstract: “Symbiosis” represents the complex but less explored domain of interdependent relation between artwork and the place, where artwork is shown as sensory space. “Symbiosis” illustrates itself within the realms of contemporary art exhibition criteria. The core intention of the approach is to train the sensorial experience and to recognize the relationships which define the conditions of space in terms of perception and execution parameters for architecture and artwork.

Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Time: 12:40 – 13:30
Place: Seminar Room, FB 110

Ebru Özseçen (b.1971) her work embraces a range of artistic and architectural practices, encompassing urban interventions, sculpture, objects, photography, video, film installations, and drawings. Özseçen explores the individual memory in contemporary society by observing the seemingly mundane, she exposes its magical and unseen aspects revealing a space where fantasy and memory hide in plain sight.

Özseçen’ work has been the subject to solo exhibitions at the “City”, Coimbra Science and Technology Museum, 2000; “Sugar Top Girl”, Henry Urbach Architecture, New York 2001; “Jawbreaker,” Edition Block, Berlin, 2009; “Kısmet”, Tanas, Berlin, 2010, “True Love Soul Mate”, Rampa, Istanbul, 2012., group exhibitions as “Das Lied von der Erde”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, 2000; “The Big Blue”, Tate Modern, London; “Unlimited nl”, De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam, 2001; “In den Schluchten des Balkan: Eine Reportage”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, 2003; “o.T. [City IV]”, Leipzig Contemporary Art Center, 2005; “Meisterwerke der Medienkunst aus der ZKM Sammlung”ZKM, 2006; “Modern and Beyond”, santralistanbul, 2007; “Dream and Reality,” Istanbul Modern, 2011; “At Home, Wherever,” Tanas, Berlin, 2011, “The Fertile Crescent”, Mason Gross Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ 2012.

Her work was included in the 25th São Paulo Biennial, Cork Triennial 2007, Sonsbeek 9, the 2nd Pusan Biennial, Whitstable Biennial 2001, Barcelona Triennial, Limerick Biennial EVA 2000, the 6th Istanbul Biennial, and the 5th Istanbul Biennial. Permanent collections include ZKM, Science and Technology Museum Coimbra, Collection Block, Vehbi Koç Contemporary Art Collection, B.A.C.O.P Collection, and Podesta Collection. Özseçen is a graduate of Bilkent University and a Rijksakademie fellow. She lives and works in Munich.