Seminer: “Stimuli-Response in Polymeric Systems; from Energy Applications to Biological Phenomena,” Dr. Aykut Erbaş (Northwestern University), UNAM Konferans Salonu, 15:40 25 Ocak (EN)

Seminar: Stimuli-Response in Polymeric systems; from Energy Applications to Biological Phenomena Speaker Dr. Aykut Erbas Venue UNAM Conference Hall Start date 25.01.2018 3:40 pm End time 25.01.2018 5:00 pm Abstract Polymers are one of the most versatile building blocks to construct stimuli-­‐responsive soft matter for scientists and nature, thanks to […]

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Söyleşi: “Biologically Inspired Soft Robotics: Challenges and Perspectives,” Fumiya Iida 
(Cambridge University), Mithat Çoruh Amfi, 10:40 9 Şubat (EN)

Speaker: Fumiya Iida 
(Cambridge University) Date: February 9th, 2018 Time: 10:40 Place: Mithat Çoruh Amphitheater Abstract: As the complexity of robotic systems enhances, it becomes increasingly more difficult for humans to design and construct them manually. In particular, soft deformable systems that have essentially infinite design parameters as well as […]

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