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  • B. Diker, H. Demirkan, "Distress, anxiety, boredom, and their relation to the interior spaces under COVID-19 lockdowns", Archnet - IJAR Int J of Architectural Research..  PDF
  • C. Tunger, C. Imamoglu, "Using quick response (QR) codes as an indoor wayfinding tool: Benefits and limitations", METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture..
  • T.E. Boz, H. Demirkan, B.A. Urgen, "Visual perception of the built environment in virtual reality: A systematic characterization of human aesthetic experience in spaces with curved boundaries", Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts..  PDF
  • Y. Afacan, "Impacts of urban living lab (ULL) on learning to design inclusive, sustainable, and climate-resilient urban environments", Land Use Policy, 124, 106443-1--10 (2023)  PDF
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  • A.T. Ziraman, C. Imamoglu, "The effects of salience and ordinal position of exhibit objects on visitor attention in digital exhibitions", Museum Management and Curatorship..  PDF
  • A.S. Nouri, O. Caliskan, I. Charalampopoulos, S. Cheval, A. Matzarakis, "Defining local extreme heat thresholds and Indoor Cooling Degree Necessity for vulnerable residential dwellings during the 2020 summer in Ankara – Part I: Air temperature", Solar Energy, 242, 435-453 (2022)
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  • S. Dalirnaghadeh, S. Yilmazer, "Effect of the Sound Environment on Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Virtual Outpatient Polyclinic", Applied Ergonomics, 100, 103672-1--15 (2022)  PDF
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  • Y. Afacan, "Impacts of Biophilic Design on the Development of Gerotranscendence and the Profile of Mood States during the COVID-19 Pandemic", Ageing and Society., 1-25 (2022)  PDF
  • B. Diker, H. Demirkan, "Evaluating Interior Architectural Elements That Influence Perception of Spaciousness in Isolated, Confined, and Extreme Environments", Int J of Digital Innovation in the Built Environment, 11, 1-15 (2022)  PDF
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  • E. Mercan, S. Yilmazer, "Study of physical and mechanical properties of aerogel-modified expanded perlite aggregate and clay (AEP/C) board", Construction and Building Materials, 361, 129602-1--11 (2022)  PDF
  • B. Ulusoy, N. Olgunturk, R. Aslanoglu, "Pairing colours in residential architecture for different interior types", Color Research and Application, 46, 1079-1090 (2021)  PDF
  • S. Yekanialibeiglou, H. Demirkan, L. Denti, "Enhancing creativity in activity-based offices: A critical incident study of knowledge workers", Creativity and Innovation Management, 30, 763-782 (2021)  PDF
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  • I. Caglayan, Y. Afacan, "Simulation-based Service Walkthrough (SBSW) to Assess Airport Environment Performance", Archnet - IJAR Int J of Architectural Research, 15, 905-924 (2021)  PDF
  • B. Altay, N. Porter, "Educating the mindful design practitioner", Thinking Skills and Creativity, 41, 100842-1--19 (2021)
  • C. Orhan, S. Yilmazer, "Harmony of context and the built environment: Soundscapes in museum environments via GT", Applied Acoustics, 173, 107709-1--12 (2021)  PDF
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  • S. Obeid, H. Demirkan, "The Influence of Virtual Reality on Design Process Creativity in Basic Design Education", Interactive Learning Environments..  PDF
  • A.T. Ziraman, C. Imamoglu, "Visitor Attention in Exhibitions: The Impact of Exhibit Objects’ Ordinal Position, Relative Size, and Proximity to Larger Objects", Environment and Behavior, 52, 343-370 (2020)  PDF
  • S.M. Tasoz, Y. Afacan, "Simulated physical ageing: A prioritized persona-based model for accessible interiors in senior housing environments", Indoor and Built Environment., 1-16 (2020)  PDF
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  • G. Gasco, G. Resta, "From the Elizabethan long gallery to the Turkish sofa: rethinking the art of inhabitation", FAM Magazine, 52.  PDF
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