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  • S. Prvanov, "Contribution to the Study of Traditional Mongolian Yurt and Its Application", J of Museum of Applied Arts..  PDF
  • Y. Afacan, "Impacts of Biophilic Design on the Development of Gerotranscendence and the Profile of Mood States during the COVID-19 Pandemic", Ageing and Society..
  • A.S. Nouri, O. Caliskan, I. Charalampopoulos, S. Cheval, A. Matzarakis, "Defining local extreme heat thresholds and Indoor Cooling Degree Necessity for vulnerable residential dwellings during the 2020 summer in Ankara – Part I: Air temperature", Solar Energy..
  • I. Caglayan, Y. Afacan, "Simulation-based Service Walkthrough (SBSW) to Assess Airport Environment Performance", Archnet - IJAR Int J of Architectural Research..  PDF
  • S.Y. Bilal, R. Aslanoglu, N. Olgunturk, "Colour, emotion, and behavioral intentions in city hotel guestrooms", Color Research and Application..  PDF
  • C.S. Toprak, S. Yilmazer, "A Comparative Study on Indoor Soundscape via a Mixed Method: A Case the High School Environment", Applied Acoustics, 189, 108554-1--13 (2022)
  • S. Dalirnaghadeh, S. Yilmazer, "Effect of the Sound Environment on Spatial Knowledge Acquisition in Virtual Outpatient Polyclinic", Applied Ergonomics, 100, 103672-1--15 (2022)
  • M.M. Aljunaidy, M.N. Adi, "The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Quarantine on Children, and The Role of Parental Support and Physical Environment Design", Discover Psychology, 1, 1-11 (2021)  PDF
  • B. Altay, N. Porter, "Educating the mindful design practitioner", Thinking Skills and Creativity, 41, 100842-1--19 (2021)
  • C. Orhan, S. Yilmazer, "Harmony of context and the built environment: Soundscapes in museum environments via GT", Applied Acoustics, 173, 107709-1--12 (2021)
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  • P. Mahmoudzadeh, Y. Afacan, M.N. Adi, "Analyzing occupants’ control over lighting systems in office settings using immersive virtual environments", Building and Environment, 196, 107823-1--15 (2021)
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  • B. Altay, "Multisensory experience of public interiors", Senses and Society, 16, 292-307 (2021)  PDF
  • B. Ulusoy, N. Olgunturk, R. Aslanoglu, "Pairing colours in residential architecture for different interior types", Color Research and Application, 46, 1079-1090 (2021)  PDF
  • S. Yekanialibeiglou, H. Demirkan, L. Denti, "Enhancing creativity in activity-based offices: A critical incident study of knowledge workers", Creativity and Innovation Management, 30, 763-782 (2021)  PDF
  • G. Gasco, G. Resta, "From the Elizabethan long gallery to the Turkish sofa: rethinking the art of inhabitation", FAM Magazine, 52.  PDF
  • K.V. Benthem, M.N. Adi, C. Corkery, J. Inoue, N. Jadavji, "The Changing Postdoc and Key Predictors of Satisfaction with Professional Training. Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education", Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education, 11, 2398-4686 (2020)  PDF
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  • A.T. Ziraman, C. Imamoglu, "Visitor Attention in Exhibitions: The Impact of Exhibit Objects’ Ordinal Position, Relative Size, and Proximity to Larger Objects", Environment and Behavior, 52, 343-370 (2020)  PDF
  • S.M. Tasoz, Y. Afacan, "Simulated physical ageing: A prioritized persona-based model for accessible interiors in senior housing environments", Indoor and Built Environment., 1-16 (2020)  PDF
  • D. Atli, N. Olgunturk, R. Aslanoglu, D. Sekulovski, P. Seuntiens, "Effects of colour and chromatic light on depth perception", J of Modern Optics, 67, 161-166 (2020)  PDF
  • S. Obeid, H. Demirkan, "The Influence of Virtual Reality on Design Process Creativity in Basic Design Education", Interactive Learning Environments..  PDF
  • B. Ulusoy, N. Olgunturk, R. Aslanoglu, "Colour semantics in residential interior architecture on different interior types", Color Research and Application, 45, 941-952 (2020)  PDF
  • E. Fasllija, N. Olgunturk, D. Guvenc, "Colour-texture mapping associations in terms of preference", Coloration Technology, 136, 468-475 (2020)  PDF
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  • N.Y. Oz, H. Demirkan, "Strategic Decision Support for Urban Service Design", Open House International, 44, 17-24 (2019)  PDF
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  • Y. Afacan, "Extending Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) Approach to Turkish Older People’s Self-Rated Home Accessibility", J of Housing and the Built Environment, 34, 619-642 (2019)  PDF
  • D.S. Ozgen, Y. Afacan, E. Surer, "Usability of Virtual Reality for Basic Design Education: A Comparative Study with Paper-Based Design", Int J of Technology and Design Education..
  • R. Kocaoglu-Aslanoglu, N. Olgunturk, "Color and visual complexity in abstract images: Part II", Color Research and Application, 44, 941-947 (2019)  PDF
  • H. Demirkan, Y. Afacan, "Setting the Key Issues and a Prioritization Strategy for Designing Sustainable Interior Environments", METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture, 35, 201-219 (2018)  PDF
  • S. Yilmazer, V. Acun, "A Grounded Theory Approach to Assess Indoor Soundscape in Historic Religious Spaces of Anatolian Culture: A Case Study on Hacı Bayram Mosque", Building Acoustics, 25, 137-150 (2018)  PDF
  • Y. Afacan, "Student Experiences of Blended Learning in Interior Architecture", J of Information Technology Education, 17, 339-422 (2018)  PDF
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  • R. Kocaoglu, N. Olgunturk, "Color and visual complexity in abstract images", Color Research and Application, 43, 952-957 (2018)  PDF
  • B. Altay, "Multisensory Inclusive Design Education: A 3D Experience", The Design Journal, 20, 821-846 (2017)  PDF
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  • S. Prvanov, "The Refurbishment of M/V Anna Maru. Four Samples of Using Durable Wood Products in Interior and Exterior Design", Int J of Wood Science, Design and Technology, 5, 1-13 (2017)  PDF
  • S. Prvanov, "Contribution to the Study of Vietnamese Row House", J of Fine Arts Matica Srpska, 45, 281-292 (2017)  PDF
  • S. Yilmazer, Z. Bora, "Understanding the Indoor Soundscape in Public Transport Spaces: A Case Study in Akkopru Metro Station, Ankara", Building Acoustics, 24, 219-237 (2017)  PDF
  • Y. Afacan, "Sustainable Library Buildings: Green Design Needs and Interior Architecture Students' Ideas for Special Collection Rooms", J of Academic Librarianship, 23, 375-383 (2017)  PDF
  • B. Altay, "Developing empathy towards older adults in design", Educational Gerontology, 43, 198-208 (2017)  PDF
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