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  • C. Sevgi, "Average Distance Estimation in Randomly Deployed Wireless Sensor Networks: An Analytical Study", Int J of Sensor Networks..  PDF
  • N. Kilinc, L. Sezer, A. Mishra, "Cloud-Based Test Tools: A Brief Comparative View", Cybernetics and Information Technologies..  PDF
  • E. Pisirir, E. Ucar, O. Chouseinoglou, C. Sevgi, "Structural equation modeling in cloud computing studies: a systematic literature review", Kybernetes..  PDF
  • A. Ali, B. Ozbey, S. Topcu, A. Altintas, "Feasibility Study of Installation of Solar Panels on a High Power HF Antenna Land", Int J of RF and Microwave Computer Ailded Engineering, 26, 379-384 (2016)  PDF
  • M. Akgul, M. Kirlidog, "Internet censorship in Turkey", Internet Policy Review, 4, 1-22 (2015)  PDF
  • D. Albayrak, Z. Yildirim, "Using Social Networking Sites for Teaching and Learning: Students' Involvement in and Acceptance of Facebook as a Course Management System", J of Educational Computing Research, 52, 155-179 (2015)  PDF
  • S. Genc, M. Bastan, U. Gudukbay, V. Atalay, O. Ulusoy, "HandVR: a hand-gesture-based interface to a video retrieval system", Signal Image and Video Processing, 9, 1717-1726 (2015)  PDF
  • N.E. Cagiltay, E. Ozcelik, N. Sahin-Ozcelik, "The effect of competition on learning in games", Computers and Education, 87, 35-41 (2015)
  • O. Albayrak, J.C. Carver, "Investigation of individual factors impacting the effectiveness of requirements inspections: a perlicated experiment", Empirical Software Engineering, 19, 241-266 (2014)  PDF
  • A. Biryukov, J. Nakahara Jr, H.M. Yildirim, "Differential entropy analysis of the IDEA block cipher", J of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 259, 561-570 (2014)
  • E. Ozcelik, N.E. Cagiltay, N.S. Ozcelik, "The effect of uncertainty on learning in game-like environments", Computers and Education, 67, 12-20 (2013)
  • E. Ucar, S. Bilgen, "A Case-Based Model for Assessing the Effectiveness of Information Systems Outsourcing", J of Information Technology Case and Application Research, 15, 27-60 (2013)  PDF
  • O. Albayrak, D. Albayrak, "The Impact of Software Development Companies on Software Engineers' Responses to Incomplete Requirements", Int J of Information Studies, 1, 272-279 (2009)  PDF
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