Bilkent Journal Publications

Department of Office Management and Secretarial Training
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  • K. Zaim, "The Impact of Environmental Regulations on Exports: Case Study Results from Cyprus, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey", World Development, 30, 1057-1072 (2002)
  • K.A. Zaim, "Modified GDP through health cost analysis of air pollution: the case of Turkey", Environmental Management, 23, 271-277 (1999)
  • K.K. Zaim, "Modified gross domestic product through environmental input-output table: the case of Turkey, 1990", J of Management Sciences and Regional Development..
  • K.K. Zaim, "Estimation of health and economic benefits of air pollution abatement for Turkey in 1990 and 1993", Energy Policy, 25, 1093-1097 (1997)
  • K.K. Zaim, "Emissions due to fossil-fuel consumption and cement production in Turkey (1970-1991)", Energy, 21, 325-331 (1996)