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  • C. Chen-Yu, "My Country and My People and Sydney Opera House: The Missing Link", Frontiers in Architectural Research..  PDF
  • M.O. Gurel, "Modernization and the role of foreign experts: W.M. Dudok's Project for Izmir, Turkey", J of the Society of Architectural Historians..  PDF
  • S. Sak, B. Senyapili, "Evading Time and Place in Ankara: A Reading of Contemporary Urban Collective Memory Through Recent Transformations", Space and Culture..  PDF
  • C-Y. Chiu, P. Goad, P. Myers, N.Y. Kilincer, "Jørn Utzon’s synthesis of Chinese and Japanese architecture in the design for Bagsværd Church", Architectural Research Quarterly., 1-22 (2019)  PDF
  • Z. Su Gul, E. Odabas, N. Xiang, M. Caliskan, "Diffusion Equation Modeling for Sound Energy Flow Analysis in Multi-Domain Structures", J of Acoustical Society of America, 145, 2703-2717 (2019)  PDF
  • M.E. Demirli, M.O. Gurel, "Opening up a space for women: matinees in Izmir Culture Park", Gender, Place and Culture..  PDF
  • G. Kinayoglu, B. Senyapili, "Circular-Planned Diagrid Systems and an Interrelated Technique Using Planar Elements", Nexus Network Journal, 1, 215-233 (2018)  PDF
  • Z. Su Gul, M. Caliskan, A. Tavukcuoglu, N. Xiang, "Assessment of Acoustical Indicators in Multi-domed Historic Structures by Non-exponential Energy Decay Analysis", Acoustics Australia, 46, 181-192 (2018)  PDF
  • A. Berk, H. Giles, "Quadrilateral panelization of freeform surface structures", Automation in Construction, 76, 36-44 (2017)
  • C. Chen-Yu, A. Niskanen, K. Song, "Humanizing Modern Architecture: The role of Das Japanische Wohnhaus in Alvar Aalto’s design for his own house and studio in Riihitie", J of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 8, 1-8 (2017)  PDF
  • C. Chen-Yu, H. Aboutalebi, "Alvar Aalto and Japan: Humanizing Modern Architecture", Design Journal Shih Chien University., 50-74 (2017)  PDF
  • C. Chen-Yu, P. Goad, P. Myers, "China in Denmark: The transmission of Chinese art and architecture from the view of Jørn Utzon’s Danish socio-cultural background", Nordic J of Architectural Research, 1, 197-228 (2017)  PDF
  • C. Imamoglu, M.O. Gurel, "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Territorial Dividers Increase User-Satisfaction and Efficiency in Library Study Spaces", J of Academic Librarianship, 42, 65-73 (2016)  PDF
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  • S. Tasli-Pektas, "The Virtual Design Studio on the Cloud: a Blended and Distributed Approach for Technology-mediated Design Education", Architectural Science Review, 58, 255-265 (2015)  PDF
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