Bilkent Journal Publications (1992)

  • Faculty of Business Administration
    • Department of Management
      • P.G. Benson, D. Onkal-Atay, "The effects of feedback and training on the performance of probability forecasters", Int J of Forecasting, 8, 559-573 (1992)
      • D. Onkal-Atay, E. Erel, "Management Information Systems in Family Planning: Experience of a Developing Country", Information Systems, 17, 20-24 (1992)
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Department of Computer Engineering
      • V. Akman, A. Arslan, "Sweeping with all graphical ingredients in a topological picturebook", Computers and Graphics, 16, 273-281 (1992)
      • T. Bultan, C. Aykanat, "A new Mapping Heuristic Based on Mean Field Annealing", J of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 16, 292-305 (1992)
      • K. Oflazer, "Highly Parallel Execution of Production Systems - A Model, Algorithms and Architecture", New Generation Computing, 10, 287-313 (1992)