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Proctored Online Written Exam using Zoom

Preparation before the exam:

  1. Ask students to have a camera and microphone to be able to take the exam. (at least one week before the exam)
  2. Prepare the questions so that it fits on a single sheet of paper in landscape orientation. (In Word: Page Layout → Orientation → Landscape, Columns → 2) If the questions do not fit on a single sheet with a reasonable font size, divide the exam into sessions.
  3. Instructor places the question sheet on the upper left quarter of his/her screen and adjusts the magnification in such a way that questions are visible as large as possible.
  4. Prepare a link in Moodle so that students can upload their answers after the exam.



  1. All students turn on cameras and microphones during the exam.
  2. Students place the camera sufficiently far away in such a way that the instructor is able to see hands of the student and the desk.
  3. When all students and cameras are ready, the instructor shares the question sheet window (not the whole screen) using Zoom. The students are able to see the questions from their desks without touching the keyboard or mouse of their computers. They should use full screen mode in their computers to be able to see the questions from their desks.
  4. The questions remain shared on their screen throughout the exam session. Students are allowed to get closer to their screen for a short period if they cannot see the question well.
  5. The instructor is able to see up to 49 students’ thumbnail videos at the same time while they are writing the answers. (Video settings → Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View) Thumbnail videos can be expanded to fill the right hand side of instructor screen.
  6. No student should be allowed to leave before the exam ends.
  7. When the exam period ends, the students are asked to scan their sheets (possibly using their smart phones) and upload to Moodle. If they have difficulty loading the answers to Moodle, they may send the scan files to the e-mail address of the instructor.


If an assistant (or a second computer of instructor) is available:

  1. Assistant (or the instructor with the second unlicensed account) enters the same classroom with the video and microphone turned off.
  2. Assistant chooses View Options → Side-by-side mode, clicks own Video thumbnail, … → Hide Self View; reduces the size of shared question and makes the student thumbnail videos larger for better proctoring. (In such a case, instructor may use a larger portion of his/her screen and increasing the resolution for sharing purposes.)