Film Screening: “This is Spinal Tap,” Rob Reiner, FFB-06, 6PM April 26 (EN)

Bilkent Cinematics’ last movie of the season will be the classic 1984 comedy This is Spinal Tap, held on Wednesday, April 26.

Director Rob Reiner’s ‘mock rockumentary’ follows a fictional British heavy metal band (“one of England’s loudest bands”) as it goes on tour and tries to deal with conflicts among its members. Reiner’s film was so authentic that, as he said, “when Spinal Tap initially came out, everybody thought it was a real band…” The movie accurately but affectionately mocks the occasional silliness and pretentiousness of certain rock bands, in scenes that have become legend among fans of the movie. Tap is also famous for the fact that the actors (Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer) improvised much of the hilarious dialogue.

The New York Times called This is Spinal Tap a “witty, mischievous satire,” and critic Roger Ebert calls it “one of the funniest movies ever made.”

Join Bilkent Cinematics at 6 p.m.,Wednesday, April 26th, in FFB06. Snacks and refreshments will be served, and Cinematics’ movies are screened with English subtitles. Everyone is welcome.

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