Film Screening and Talk: “Noise,” Dan and Noit Geva (2012, 72 mins), FFB-06, 4:40PM November 8 (EN)

Film Screening and Talk

Noise (Dan and Noit Geva, 2012, 72 mins)

November 8th, 2017 Wednesday 16.40 FF-B06 (FADA Building)

Noise is a politically subversive tragic-comedy a salutation to the social engagé of the Griersonian tradition. The film creatively dramatizes the story of a documentarist who suffers from hyper-acoustic sensitivity, which makes his life in Tel Aviv, one of the noisiest urban locations on earth, a living hell. Tormented by the belief that they live in an incredibly noisy society, the award-winning couple of Israeli filmmakers resolves to investigate the issue: they install cameras in their house to capture sources of this formidable sonic mass that invades their daily lives.

Filmmaker Dan Geva will be introducing his film and answering questions after the screening.