Conference: “Mediation in Labour Law,” Prof. Dr. Levent Akın, V-01, 12:40PM March 5 (TR)

Prof. Dr. Levent AKIN
Date : March 5, 2018, Monday
Time : 12:40
Place : V-01

As per Act No. 7036 on Labour Courts, which has been adopted by the TGNA on 12th of October 2017, as of 1.1.2018 application to a mediator has become mandatory as a cause of action concerning workers’ or employers’ claims and damages arising out of employment contracts or collective labour agreements, as well as for actions for reinstatement. The objective of the conference is to assess the issue of “mandatory mediation as a cause of action” and the current issues arising out of its practice within the framework of the respective regulation that requires labour disputes to be settled via mediation as a dispute resolution method. The conference will be held in Turkish.