Bilkent Theater: “Blue Hotel,” Junior Project II, Bilkent Chamber Theater, 8PM March 24 & 28, April 4-11-18-25, May 2 & 9 (EN)

Bilkent Theater Presents: “BLUE HOTEL”

Junior Project II

Director: Whit MACLAUGLIN
Assistant Direction: Emilie Krause
Light Design: Yılmaz Ertekin
Set Design: Selim Cinisli
Technical team: Yağmur Seber, Eyşan Dönmez
Players: Ecem Aydın, Yeliz Balım, Selim Galip, Burak Günaydın, Orkun C. İzan, M. Burçak Kaya, Turgay Korkmaz, Beril Pozam, Yağmur Uzunoğlu, Ege Kesmeci

A decidedly modern take on an ancient topic, THE BLUE HOTEL wrestles with the Turkish notion of hüzün, or “melancholy”. Drawing from the music of Joni Mitchell, the paintings of Eric Fischl, and a choreography all its own, THE BLUE HOTEL is devised theatre. Starting four weeks ago from nothing, the Bilkent 3rd year performers, guided by director Whit MacLaughlin, Artistic Director of New Paradise Laboratories (USA), have cooked up an unusual theatrical vision of araf, or limbo, complete with a monkey and dreamy scenes of love. Expect unanswerable riddles, floating ambiguities, and blue feelings, blue cocktails, everything blue.

March 24, 28; April 4, 11, 18, 25; May 2, 9
Bilkent Chamber Theater at 20:00
GE 250-251, 20 points
Tel: 0312 290 17 75