PhD Tez Sunumu: “Implantable Sub-cm Wireless Resonators for MRI: from Circuit Theory to Medical Imaging,” Sayım Gökyar (EE), EE-314, 15:30 11 Aralık (EN)

SEMINAR: “IMPLANTABLE SUB-cm WIRELESS RESONATORS FOR MRI: FROM CIRCUIT THEORY TO MEDICAL IMAGING” By SAYIM GOKYAR Ph.D. Defence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Supervisor/s: PROF. DR. H. VOLKAN DEMIR The seminar will be on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 15:30, @EE-314 ABSTRACT Making implantable wireless resonators having small footprints is […]

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BSO: “Doğanın Sesi,” Bilkent Konser Salonu, 20:00 9 Aralık

Doğanın Sesi 9 Aralık 2017, Cumartesi, 20.00 Bilkent Konser Salonu Bilkent Senfoni Orkestrası Tito Ceccherini, şef Vassilis Varvaresos, piyano S. Prokofiev | Piyano Konçertosu No.2, Sol minör, Op.16 G. Mahler | Senfoni No.1, Re majör “Titan” Biletler için: Tel: 0.312.2901775

Seminer: “New Chemistries Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries,” Doç. Dr. Rezan Demir-Çakan (Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi), Seminer Salonu SB-Z14, 12:40 12 Aralık (EN)

CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT SEMINAR Title: “New Chemistries Beyond Lithium-ion Batteries” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rezan Demir-Cakan Chemical Engineering Department, Gebze Technical University Abstract: We are living in a society that is fully dependent on fossil fuels. Our addiction to fossil fuels caused a rapid societal development but the consequences on the environment […]

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Seminer: “Strategic Customers in Systems with Batch Arrivals: How Much You Can Protect Your Party,” Dr. Olga Bountali (Southern Methodist University), Ümit Berkman Seminer Salonu, 13:40 12 Aralık (EN)

Seminar: “Strategic Customers in Systems with Batch Arrivals: How Much You Can Protect Your Party” By Dr. Olga Bountali Southern Methodist University Enginering Management, Information & Systems Departments Date:12 December, 2017 Tuesday Time: 13:40-14:40 Place: Faculty of Business Administration, Umit Berkman Seminar Room Abstract Customers who arrive in groups at […]

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Management Research Day, Prof. Dr. Niels Noorderhaven (Tilburg School of Economics and Management), MA-330 Ümit Berkman Seminer Salonu, 10:00-16:00 8 Aralık (EN)

Management Research Day Niels Noorderhaven Professor Dr. Tilburg School of Economics and Management Department of Management 8 December 2017 10:00 – 10:50 Faculty Presentation: Lale Tomruk Gümüşoğlu Discussant: Niels Noorderhaven “Angels or Devils?: How do Bright and Dark Sides of Paternalistic Leaders Differ in Shaping Ethical Climate Across Cultures?” 10:50 […]

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Raket Sporları Festivali, 9-13 Aralık

Racket Sports Festival, December 9-13 Racket Sports Festival It’s time to get out your rackets! The Sports Center will be holding its fall “Sports as a Way of Life” Racket Sports Festival next week. The festival will take place on Main Campus – at the Dormitories Sports Hall, Main Sports […]

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