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November 2012 Announcement

GE 690: Academic Preparation for Doctoral Students

This zero-credit required course aims to contribute to the preparation of doctoral students for their academic careers. GE 690 has two components. One is to acquire practice in teaching through activities such as lab assistance, classroom teaching, proctoring exams, and grading assignments.

The second component includes a series of independent modules that are offered or activities that can be participated in during the course of PhD studies. This component aims to contribute to the preparation of doctoral students for their academic careers. It includes a series of independent modules that are offered or activities that can be participated in throughout the academic year. To that end, the University will be offering a series of workshops, short courses, and seminars in the Fall and Spring semesters.

All doctoral students are required to participate in a set of activities before they graduate. The participation in this set of activities will contribute towards the completion of the required course GE 690. Each student is expected to keep a file that will be her/his personal "Academic Preparation" portfolio to maintain a record of the activities for personal use.

GE 690 activities consist of a series of modules. The modules are independent of each other. Each student is required to participate in each module. Some modules will be offered in the Fall semester, others in the Spring semester. Some, but not all, may be repeated each semester. You are strongly advised to take a particular module as soon as it is offered – there may or may not be another opportunity soon. You are required to participate in each module once and only once during your doctoral studies.

GE 690 Seminars Scheduled for Fall 2012 Semester

Each doctoral student who expects to graduate before June 2013 is required to participate in all five offered up-to this date. Exemption from a module is only possible under a reasonable circumstance and is granted upon the student’s request to the Department Chair and the written approval of the Supervisor/ Department Chair and the Director of the related Graduate Institute.

Modules I, II, IV and V are organized by the Provost Office. Module III is to be organized by the student herself/himself together with his/her department. Module IV and Module V are scheduling during Fall 2012. Modules I, II, and IV are planned for Spring 2013.

How to register:

Login SRS (http://stars.bilkent.edu.tr/srs) and use "GE690" link under Services top menu item to register Module IV and for the option of your choice for Module V. Please, e-mail Ms. Birgül Bulut at bbulut@bilkent.edu.tr if you have further questions.

MODULE III: Participation at seminars/presentations regularly held by Departments and Faculties

This module requires the students participation in a set of research seminars and/or scholarly talks and presentations regularly held by the student’s own department or another department of his/her choice. Students most probably already attend such seminars/talks. The total number of seminars/talks to be attended is to be decided by the Department. One model could be a total of four seminars/talks, two per semester. Departments can decide to require fewer or more.

To be arranged by the student herself/himself together with the Departments.

MODULE IV A: "Research Impact for Social Sciences and Related Fields" by Dr. Selin Sayek Böke

How to generate impact in the field? How can you make your voice heard and your findings visible? How to publish not to perish? Where to publish? What should you expect from the publication process? Why should I care for an extended research family when I am happy with my nucleus research family? How to become part of the international research family? This module will explore these issues and many other related questions.

Participate during the following time slot.

Time & Place:
December 4th, Tuesday, 10:00-12:00, at FFB 22, Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture

Any doctoral student can participate in Module IV A. Another version of this module entitled "Research Impact for Sciences and Engineering" is scheduled for Spring 2013.

MODULE V: "How Can the Library Help Your Doctoral Research: Resources and Techniques" by Dr. David E. Thornton

This workshop is intended to introduce the library services and resources (print and electronic), and demonstrate how they can help doctoral students in all stages of researching and writing a thesis. Topics covered will include: choosing your topic and determining “what’s been done” already; finding new resources; accessing new resources; organizing and managing your resources; staying up-to-date; and, finally putting it all together and preparing your dissertation.

Participate during one of the following time slots.

Time & Place:
V.A December 7th, Friday, 14:00-15:30, at Orientation Room, Main Campus Library
V.B December 12th, Wednesday, 14:00-15:30, at Orientation Room, Main Campus Library

GE 690 Modules Tentatively Scheduled for Spring 2013 Semester

MODULE I: "Academic Ethics and Integrity" by Prof. Abdullah Atalar
MODULE II: "Effective University Teaching" by TBA
MODULE IV B): "Research Impact for Sciences and Engineering" by Prof. Adnan Akay