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  • S.N.B. Oliaeli, Y. Karpat, "Polycrystalline diamond end mill cutting edge design to improve ductile-mode machining of silicon", Precision Engineering..
  • A. Javili, "Variational formulation of generalized interfaces for finite deformation elasticity", Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids..  PDF
  • A. Javili, N.S. Ottosen, M. Ristinmaa, J. Mosler, "Aspects of interface elasticity theory", Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids..  PDF
  • A. Demir, S. Hanay, "Numerical Analysis of Multi-Domain Systems: Coupled Nonlinear PDEs & DAEs with Noise", IEEE Trans on Computer Aided Des. Integr. Circ. Systems..  PDF
  • A. Esmaelli, P. Steinamann, A. Javili, "Surface plasticity: theory and computation", Computational Mechanics..  PDF
  • N. Li, D. Oyler, M. Zhang, Y. Yildiz, I. Kolmanovsky, A. Girard, "Game-Theoretic Modeling of Driver and Vehicle Interactions for Verification and Validation of Autonomous Vehicle Control Systems", IEEE Trans on Control Systems Technology..  PDF
  • T. Yucelen, Y. Yildiz, R. Sipahi, E. Yousefi, N. Nguyen, "Stability Limit of Human-in-the-Loop Model Reference Adaptive Control Architectures", Int J Control..  PDF
  • Y. Oskay, B. Cetin, N. Serifoglu, A. Arslan-Ergul, M.M. Adams, "A novel, low-cost injection and anesthesia system for zebrafish researchers", Zebrafish..  PDF
  • H. Alijani, B. Cetin, Y. Akkus, Z. Dursunkaya, "Effect of design and operating parameters on the thermal performance of aluminum flat grooved heat pipes", Applied Thermal Engineering, 132, 174-187 (2018)
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  • S.N.B. Oliaeli, Y. Karpat, "Built-up edge effects on process outputs of titanium alloy micro milling", Precision Engineering, 49, 305-315 (2017)
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