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Summer School Fees

2017 Summer School Courses

Taking courses in Summer School is optional and subject to fees. The tuition fees paid by the students for an academic year cover the courses taken in the Fall and Spring semesters and do not cover the courses taken in Summer School. Tuition fees for Summer School courses are charged on a per-course basis according to the following table.

The fees for two back-to-back intensive language courses, for example, Basic German I (GER 111) and Basic German II (GER 112), calculated by applying a %50 reduction for the second course. In other words, the student taking two back-to-back intensive language courses (three credits each) will pay 1.5 x 2850 = 4275 TL. The student must register for these two courses together at the beginning of the Summer School.


0 credit courses 715 TL
1 credit courses 1,425 TL
2 credit courses 2,140 TL
3 credit courses 2,850 TL
4 credit courses 3,565 TL
5 credit courses 4,275 TL
6 credit courses 4,990 TL


International Students and Turkish Nationals who should pay in US dollars

0 credit courses 250 USD
1 credit courses 500 USD
2 credit courses 750 USD
3 credit courses 1,000 USD
4 credit courses 1,250 USD
5 credit courses 1,500 USD
6 credit courses 1,750 USD


8% VAT is included to the above tuition fees.

Note: Summer School tuition fees should be paid in advance before the summer school course registrations.