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Summer School Application and Registration Information

All Bilkent students and students who apply from other universities can attend Bilkent Summer School.

The grades that the Bilkent students get at the Summer School are added to their Grade Point Average (CGPA).

To bring up their CGPA’s, students with CGPA 2.0 or over can re-take the courses which they took in the previous two semesters and in which their grades are below grade B.

Any student attending Bilkent Summer School must be registered.

    • Non-Bilkent Students:
      To apply to Bilkent Summer School, you can fill in the Application Form and send it to sumsch@bilkent.edu.tr as an attachment for approval between 12 – 29 May 2017. Upon the approval of your application, you have to register in the Registrar’s Office as a special student before course registrations.


  • Bilkent Students:
    Requests for courses thru SRS 12 May 2017, Friday (09:00) –
    29 May 2017, Monday (17:30)
    Enrollment payment plan for determination of fees thru SRS 1 June 2017, Thursday (09:00) –
    14 June 2017, Wednesday (17:30)
    Announcement of registration appointments thru SRS 7 June 2017,  Wednesday (09:00)
    Registration with appointment thru SRS 8 June 2017,  Thursday (09:00 – 13:00)
    Registration without appointment thru SRS 8 June 2017,  Thursday (13:00)
    9 June 2017,  Friday (17:30)
    Course drop deadline 9 June 2017, Friday (23:59)
    Classes begin 12 June 2017, Monday
    Course add deadline 14 June 2017, Wednesday (17:30)
    Withdrawal deadline 18 July 2017, Tuesday (17:30)
    Classes end 1 August 2017, Tuesday
    Final Exams 2 August 2017, Wednesday –
    6 August 2017, Sunday
    Grades announced 9 August 2017, Wednesday (17:30)

Registration for Intensive Language Courses
Students should register for the Intensive Language Courses opened as part of Summer School by the Office of the Foreign Languages Coordinator, through SRS as the other courses. Additionally, course applications can also be given through SRS with the other courses.

Detailed course information:

Registration procedure

  • The list of 2017 Summer School courses can be found from the web page of the summer school with the link to “Summer School Offerings“. Please check out the web page again for the updated list. Note that a student can enroll in two courses at most. Two back-to-back intensive language courses count as a single course in this regard.
  • Students who have not already passed ENG 101 may ONLY take ENG 101 in the Summer School; these students are not allowed to take any other courses in the Summer School. Students who have passed ENG 101 but have not yet passed ENG 102 may take ENG 102 and one other course, if they wish to do so; they cannot take other courses without taking ENG 102 as well.
  • Prior to the Summer School, the requests for the courses to be offered in summer term are collected through SRS. Summer School courses are offered according to these applications upon availability. Course requests can be made through SRS, “Summer School Course Request” service under the “Services” menu. Each student may request up to 2 courses to be offered.
  • Students who applied for the Summer School courses will be given appointments to register. Registration appointments will be announced through SRS on 7 June 2017,  Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. Those student who did not apply for the courses will register after the students with appointments complete their registrations.
  • Students will have to make an enrollment payment plan through SRS (under “Services” menu) and determine the fee s/he is supposed to pay. “A 1/2/3/4 Credit Course” line will display for the course that the student wants to take (depending on the credit of the course).
  • Students will have to pay the accrued amount to the bank based on the enrollment payment plan. Please note that the bank must see the amount that you have to pay on the payment screen with your Student ID.
    Otherwise, the payment will not be credited for summer school courses. Students can deposit their registration fees to any branch of Garanti Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank or İş Bank or via internet pages of these banks.
  • Students can take courses registering through SRS. Students with appointment can register on 8 June 2017,  Thursday from 09:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; students without appointment can register on 8 June 2017,  Thursday after 1:00 p.m. until 9 June 2017,  Friday, 5:30 p.m. Please note that the course drop deadline is 9 June 2017,  Friday, 11:59 p.m. After that date and time, the students can only add courses until 14 June 2017, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
  • Students can register on these dates at any computer on campus using their ID information and STARS passwords. However, students with appointment cannot register before the allocated times. Department secretaries cannot register any student to courses.
  • Students will have to turn to the department secretaries with a form in case of overlap of courses or prerequisites need to be met.
  • If a student wants to add a course, s/he can do so until 14 June 2017, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. making a new enrollment payment plan, if necessary (if the credit of the courses s/he wants to take is changing).
  • After the course add deadline, the remaining credit can be refunded to the student or can be used for the next term. Students should apply to the Registrar’s Office for a refund.


Students wishing to stay at Dormitories during Summer Period should apply and reserve their places through the Summer Period Online Dormitory Application System ( https://stars.bilkent.edu.tr/bildorm/login/?lang=en ). The application of Preparatory Students will start as of 20 May 2017, Saturday and that of 1 June 2017, Thursday. For detailed information: ( http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/bilkent-tr/admin-unit/yurt/e_yazokulu_konaklama.html )