MS Thesis Presentation: “Privacy Protection for Spatial Trajectories Against Brute-Force Attacks,” Dorukhan Arslan (CS), EA-409, 10:30AM August 10 (EN)

MS THESIS PRESENTATION: “Privacy Protection for Spatial Trajectories Against Brute-Force Attacks” Dorukhan Arslan MS Student (Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Erman Ayday) Computer Engineering Department The prevalence of Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped mobile devices and wireless communication technologies have resulted in widespread development of location-based services (LBS). Typical examples of […]

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MS Thesis Presentation: “DeepKinZero: Zero-Shot Learning for Predicting Kinase Phosphorylation Sites,” Iman Deznabi (CS), EA-409, 1:30PM August 9 (EN)

MS THESIS PRESENTATION: “DeepKinZero: Zero-Shot Learning for Predicting Kinase Phosphorylation Sites” Iman Deznabi MS Student (Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. A. Ercüment Çiçek, Co-Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Öznur Taştan Okan) Computer Engineering Department Protein kinases are a large family of enzymes that catalyze the phosphorylation of other proteins. By acting as […]

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MS Thesis Presentation: “Parallel Streaming Graph Partitioning Utilizing Multilevel Framework,” Nazanin Jafari (CS), EA-409, 2:30PM August 8 (EN)

MS THESIS PRESENTATION: “Parallel Streaming Graph Partitioning utilizing Multilevel Framework” Nazanin Jafari, MS Student (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Cevdet Aykanat) Computer Engineering Department Graph partitioning is widely used for efficient parallelization of a variety of applications. Streaming graph partitioning is a one pass partitioning solution provided to overcome high computation costs […]

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PhD Thesis Presentation: “Power Allocation Strategies for Channel Switching and Wireless Localization,” Ahmet Dündar Sezer (EE), EE-314, 4PM August 6 (EN)

SEMINAR: “POWER ALLOCATION STRATEGIES FOR CHANNEL SWITCHING AND WIRELESS LOCALIZATION” By AHMET DÜNDAR SEZER Ph.D. Defence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Supervisor: PROF. DR. SİNAN GEZİCİ The seminar will be on Monday, August 6, 2018 at 16:00, @EE-314 ABSTRACT Optimal power allocation is an important approach for enhancing performance of […]

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Library Working Hours, August 1-September 2

Dear Bilkent University Members, The Library working hours will be changed between 1 August – 2 September 2018. The Main Campus Library Circulation, Reserve, Reference and Visually Handicapped Departments will remain open from 08.30-17.00 on weekdays and from 09.00-17.00 on weekends. Other departments of the Main Campus Library will be […]

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Library Working Hours, July 15

Dear Bilkent University Members, Due to the Democracy and National Unity Day, the opening hours of Main Campus Library will be changed on Sunday, 15 July. On that day only the Circulation, Reserve and Reference departments will remain open from 09.00 until 23.30. Best Regards, Bilkent University Library

IAED Lecture: “Globalization and Invention of Identities Lessons from Vernacularism in the Maghreb Region,” Dr. Hamza Benacer, FFB-06, 1:30PM July 16 (EN)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department Lecture: Globalization and invention of identities lessons from vernacularism in the Maghreb region Date: 16/07/2018 Monday Time, Place: 13:30, FFB06 Speaker: Dr. Hamza Benacer Bio: Hamza Benacer is an architect, editor, researcher and a doctor from the department of architecture, urban and interior design […]

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